Ashanti Cafe ​​​Hanover 
​Franchisee: Fred Morris

Call: ​(519) 506-2233

7:30am - 6pm Monday to Saturday

7am - 5pm Sunday

If you are interested in owning an Ashanti franchise please contact us directly at ourhead office.

Ashanti Cafe Thornbury

Franchisee: Sue Carr                   39 Bruce St.                            

​Call: (226) 665-2525 

Ashanti Cafe Collingwood

Franchisee: Deirdre Morris

Call: (705) 293-3013

7am - 5pm Monday to Saturday

​8am - 5pm Sunday

Ashanti Cafe Elora

Franchisee: Steve Scott

​Call: (226) 384-5282

​8am - 8pm Monday to Sunday